Vantage Point, Not for Profit Leadership Training

Not Your Average School of Learning is brought to you by the not-for-profit organization Vantage Point.

Vantage Point’s mission is to convene, connect, and equip not-for-profit leaders through learning. Vantage Point has developed over 34 FREE ready-to-use templates, reading materials, and tools to lift not-for-profit organizations towards the achievement of their goals. 

Where Not-For-Profits Turn for Leadership Resources

Connect with our resources to build better:

  • Abundance: Creating a Culture of Confidence and Possibility
  • Board Governance: Understanding Policy Creation
  • Capacity Building: Strengthen Your Organization
  • Fund Development: Fundraising for your Board
  • Human Resources: People Processes
  • Leadership: Develop Unlimited Talent
  • Planning: Effective Organizational Strategy
  • Volunteer Engagement: Tools to Build Your Talent Team

Vantage Point also offers:

Vantage Point Publications:

The Abundant Not-for-Profit: How Talent Will Transform You Organization
A People Lens: 101 Ways to Move Your Organization Forward