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Little Mountain Place
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When Mary Gallop, Volunteer Coordinator at Little Mountain Place, is asked to speak about the organization, her voice is as warm as her words. She describes the site, one of Vancouver’s many residential care facilities, as “a really wonderful neighbourhood facility…a warm inviting community”, that above all else, “feels like a home.” With a dedicated staff that works tirelessly to meet residents’ physical needs, Little Mountain Place engages its seventy-some volunteers to provide what Mary calls “enhancement of the quality of life.”

With volunteer-led programs ranging from physiotherapy to gardening to spiritual health, Little Mountain Place utilizes to recruit motivated people. By combining web-based convenience with a user-friendly interface, the site has been helpful in matching volunteer talent with a multitude of roles.

From verbal and written translators for Little Mountain Place’s many Chinese residents, to a volunteer who adds special decorations for each new holiday or season, the volunteers of Little Mountain Place help to create a home away from home for residents. The extra level of care leaves residents’ family members feeling reassured, “knowing that there is someone, volunteers and staff, to support your family.”

Mary explains that while residential care sites are almost always recruiting, “volunteers don’t always know where to go to find those opportunities. is terrific because it’s that one stop site.” Mary feels govolunteer attracts a high calibre of volunteer by allowing them to search for opportunities that speak to their specific skills and interests. “They’re motivated, and also having far more choice in what they want to select and look into, so there’s already a bit of pre-screening done there.”

Govolunteer also allows Mary to look for people with specific talents. “Say I’m looking for someone who speaks German…or someone who plays mahjong…I can post it and we can really find the right person.” Mary reveals she has “brought in at least a dozen for targeted programs in the last year through govolunteer. It’s been fantastic for me. I put a post on govolunteer for some physiotherapy programs and I got five hits within the first two days.”

Little Mountain Place retains many long-term volunteers, but they often have positions left open when younger volunteers move on to new opportunities. With this modern trend of higher turnover rate, govolunteer makes Mary’s frequent recruiting more effortless than before. “When you need to post something, govolunteer is extremely helpful because it’s a really good, quick way to find new, interested people.”

Mary’s final thoughts are full of reflection and pride. “To see how much the site contributed to our community in the last year has been really quite interesting…for what we paid it’s such an incredible resource to reach out to find people.” For an organization like Little Mountain Place, where the lives of residents and their families are impacted daily thanks to volunteers, continues to be an invaluable tool to an organization that itself.



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