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3 Steps for Not-for-Profit Organizations


  Become a member

 Choose a membership that's right for your organization to create an account. 

  Complete your account

Make sure to complete your organizational account profile by entering your logo, contact details, and mission statement. Describe how your organization impacts the community - get creative!

  Start posting the exciting volunteer opportunities you have to share with your community!


3 Steps For Volunteers


 You’ve come to the right place has over 300,000 users will all types of volunteer positions. No matter your experience level, there is something for everyone! 

 Searching for the right fit

Search by organization type, date, special event, interest, or geographical region.

 Share your passion

Once you’ve found a volunteer opportunity that interests you, find the instructions for how to apply for the role at the bottom of the posting. Reach out and tell the organization that you're interested!

Optional Step:

 Reach out and email somebody

Find an organization that speaks to your core values but they don’t have a current volunteer opportunity posted? Contact them directly and introduce yourself! It’s a great way to develop a relationship and volunteer for them in the future.


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