COVID-19 Volunteering

We recognize that many individuals across British Columbia are eager to volunteer their time and support their communities through the COVID-19 crisis. Your interest in volunteering is so appreciated. Volunteering during this time period will look different than it normally does, with an increase in virtual opportunities as people self isolate and practice social distancing.

For up to date health information on COVID-19 please visit the Government of Canada - Public Health page.


Not-for-profits are all impacted by this crisis and many have had to significantly change their programming and processes. Please be patient, response times might be a little slower than normal.

You can search for virtual opportunities through our advanced search, see example below.



Answers to common organizational member questions can be found on Vantage Point’s COVID-19 Resources Page.

Creating Volunteer Opportunities Related to COVID-19

We are in the process of making modifications to Govolunteer to make it easy to make volunteer postings that relate to support for during the COVID-19 crisis. Please stay tuned, we'll be updating this page soon as changes are made.

When creating or editing a post you can identify which of your opportunities are virtual under 'time of day'. 

Virtual volunteer postings