Clemencia Gomez

South Granville Seniors Centre
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Clemencia Gomez, Executive Director of South Granville Seniors Centre sees a unique opportunity to create abundance and is leading her organization to seize it.

The definition of a senior is rapidly changing with the baby boomers, says Clemencia Gomez, Executive Director of South Granville Seniors Centre. They have very different expectations of what a seniors’ centre offers, and what volunteering looks like.

The South Granville Seniors Centre has more and more boomers coming through their doors, but not as you might think; boomers are there to find services for their ageing parents. This contact is creating a growing interest in volunteering. Boomers have dramatically different expectations as volunteers. They dictate what they want to do and how they want to contribute their skills.

Building a solid foundation is the first step, according to Clemencia. “Boomers want to work with an organization that is well organized, with clear policies, and a clear strategic plan. That plan allows us to proactively identify the skills and talent we require in our volunteers.

To effectively engage this new wave of talent, Clemencia is also developing her salaried employees in new ways. “Our employees require different abilities in order to connect, delegate and engage people with a higher skill set. The interview process is very important. We have to be able to ask great questions, evaluate fit for the role, and creatively envision how a volunteer’s expertise can be applied in the organization.

The ultimate impact of this new approach to engagement? Boomers will now play an active role in co-creating South Granville Seniors Centre for the future: a place that embodies their definition of ageing with good health and independence. As a result, Clemencia believes the organization will remain adaptive and cutting edge. ;

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