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The Board of the Friends of the Vancouver Public Library is looking for a new Treasurer. The Treasurer is a member of the Board and is responsible for financial & tax reporting, financial statement preparation, cheque signing and other cash management duties.  

Cash management responsibilities (Average of 2 to 3 hours per month)

  • One of the bank signatories
  • Keep possession of cheque and deposit books
  • Make deposits and maintain record of deposit slips
  • Prepare cheques to pay expenses (either directly to vendors or reimbursing volunteers and board members)
  • Examine receipts and maintain a record of all revenue and expenses for book-keeping purposes
  • Report to board on how much cash is available during monthly board meetings
  • Identify ways to continually improve the cash management process

Financial & tax reporting responsibilities (30 hours in total primarily in March and June)

  • Prepare annual financial statements with accompanying footnotes. Fiscal year end is January 31.  Statements are required to be presented to the Board for approval in mid-March
  • Prepare and file CRA “Registered Charity Information Return”. Filing deadline is July 31 (6 months after fiscal year-end)
  • Prepare and file BC Societies Annual Report Return. Filing deadline is 30 days after AGM. AGM is typically held in May.
  • Prepare and file GST rebate returns (Forms GST66) for the calendar year for Friends’ expenses after December 31.

Financial statement preparation (2 hours per month)

  • Maintain a record of revenues and expenses incurred by the Friends during the fiscal year and reconcile to monthly bank statements and donation information recorded in Giftworks
  • Maintain in a file support (invoices, deposit slips, cheque stubs etc)  for reported revenues and expenses
  • Make necessary year end accruals and reclassifications for financial statement presentation purposes

Financial budget/Forecast (Average 3h at each quarter-end)

  • Prepare the Friends’ annual fiscal year budget in December/January for presentation at Boards’ February meeting
  • On a quarterly basis, update the annual budget with quarterly to date actuals with commentary on Friends’ financial performance to the Board
  • Prepare cash analysis to provide the annual donation amount to the Board (typically in the February / March) meeting

Other responsibilities (ad-hoc as they arise)

  • Maintain relationship with accountant for book’mark, the library store.
  • Renew Director and Officer insurance (March). Renewal form will be mailed to the office.  Can renew online. Renewal requires information on the charity’s revenue (range of figures).  Therefore it is best to have a preliminary draft of financial statement ready by that time.
  • Maintain banking relationship for bookmark and be actively involved in resolving any banking issues.
  • Chair and convene meetings of the Friends finance committee
  • Responsible for all government informational returns (example:  stats can or GST) for friends as a whole which includes book’mark.
  • Member of the Executive Board and expected to attend monthly Board meetings

Total time commitment: Total time commitment is approximately 100 hours per year. Significant commitment required in March and June but it is possible to move the workload around and spread this commitment evenly throughout the year.

The person: Recently qualified accountant or someone with strong bookkeeping background.

Contact us: Please email for more information.


Recently qualified accountant (CPA) or someone with strong bookkeeping background.

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Please email for more information.
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Monika Brar & Darius Maze
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Arts & Culture
The Friends of the Vancouver Public Library is a community of library lovers who volunteer, fundraise, and advocate in support of the Vancouver Public Library.
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15 Oct 2020
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100 Hours Total
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Evening, Weekdays, Weekend, Virtual
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Vancouver, BC
Last Updated: September 22, 2020
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