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The Board of Directors is the legal authority of the BC Hospice Palliative Care Association (BCHPCA). As a member of the Board, the Secretary-Treasurer reports to the President. The Secretary-Treasurer fulfills their duties as outlined in the Bylaws and serves as a member of the Executive Committee.
 An honourary life member or active individual member in good standing of BCHPCA
 Knowledge of hospice palliative care at provincial, national and international levels
 Experience in financial management required, experience in not-for-profit financial management preferred
 Demonstrated skills in financial policies, budget preparation and management
 Fulfill the responsibilities within the Board Member Role Description
 Work as an active member of the Executive Committee to support the long- and short-term goals, objectives and priorities of the Association
 Act as a signing authority on behalf of the Board for financial and legal purposes
 Chair the Finance Committee
 Ensure financial records are kept, necessary to comply with the Societies Act and accepted financial practices
 Speak for the budget in partnership with the Executive Director and the Finance Committee
 Submit financial statements to the Board, members and others when required. And at a minimum, at each Board meeting
 Ensure all necessary financial reports are filed
 On behalf of the Board, works together with the accountant through annual review engagement
 Ensures all records and documents of the Association are appropriately stored
 Ensure Issuance of Notices and recording of meetings of the Society and the Directors
 Ensures maintenance of the register of members
Duties of the Secretary may be delegated by the Directors to an employee of the Association. In the absence of the Secretary-Treasurer from a meeting, the Directors must appoint another person to act as Secretary-Treasurer.

Elections for Directors will normally be held at the annual general meeting and the term of office of Directors will normally be two (2) years. However the Board may by Board Resolution determine that some or all vacant Directors’ positions will have a term of less than two (2) years, the length of such term to be determined by the Directors in their discretion. For purposes of calculating the duration of a Director’s term of office, the term will be deemed to commence at the close of the annual general meeting at which such Director was elected. If, however, the Director was elected at an extraordinary general meeting his or her term of office will be deemed to have commenced at the close of the annual general meeting next following such extraordinary general meeting. (Bylaws Section 6.14)
Consecutive Terms and Term Limits
Directors may be elected for up to eight (8) consecutive years, by any combination of terms. A person who has served eight (8) consecutive years as a Director may not be re-elected for at least one (1) year following the expiry of his or her latest term. (Bylaws Section 6.15)

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Donna Flood
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Education & Research
Health, Social Services
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14 Nov 2020 to 14 Nov 2022
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8 Hours Per Month
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Evening, Virtual
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Victoria, BC
Last Updated: March 30, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: September 30, 2020