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Compassionate Eye Foundation (CEF) is a Vancouver-based, registered Canadian charity that leverages the power of photography to improve lives by funding global development projects. CEF rallies creative professionals worldwide to draw on their skills to generate continuous revenue through our own photography shoots which then fund projects that empower developing nations with access to education, health services and tools for economic sustainability.

We are looking for a detail-oriented administrative professional to join our team as an operations assistant and help build on CEF’s 14-year history of positive impact.

Position: This independent contractor will provide operations and administrative services to Compassionate Eye Foundation. You’ll take care of the day-to-day administrative tasks associated with the organization, working a flexible schedule ranging from 5-15 hours per week, depending on CEF’s needs and your availability and skills. You’ll provide all the tools necessary including a workspace, computer, other communication tools and transportation. Those running a service organization are welcome to apply. 

Compensation: This will be a contract position and your hourly rate will be subject to discussion. We expect the successful candidate to operate fairly independently and thus the rate will be set appropriately. Approved out-of-pocket expenses will be reimbursed.  


Required tasks and responsibilities:

  • Schedule board and committee meetings (including running Doodle polls to find mutually convenient times, and rescheduling as needed), working with the executive of CEF and committee chairs. Follow-up with reminders as required.
  • Communicate with members of the board related to the various meeting times and logistics. Confirm meeting locations.   
  • Prepare agendas and circulate if an executive member is unable to do. Record and prepare minutes if an executive member is unable to do.  
  • Pick up in-person mail in Vancouver.
  • Handle in-person banking in Vancouver (depositing cheques, resolving issues), and troubleshooting payment issues as required. Handle all bank logistics, including adding and removing board members as signing authorities. 
  • Monitor insurance coverage and, with approval of executive, handle insurance coverage renewals for both the board and liability issues.
  • Maintain all issues related to the documentary and knowledge management for the organization in Google Drive. Records must be current and accessible.
  • Build and maintain a calendar of required CEF admin tasks and deadlines throughout the year (e.g. when to file taxes, BC societies report, etc). Oversee regular admin task lists and ensure they are done at appropriate times. 
  • Ensure that personnel, client, donor and volunteers files are securely stored and privacy/confidentiality is maintained.
  • Follow-up with board members on action items/tasks (internal communications / light project management).
  • Set up emails and appropriate documents for new volunteers and board members. 
  • Ensure all providers and contractors with CEF are kept up to date on changes to the organization.

To be successful, we expect you are:

  • A strong communicator. You are proactive about communicating, receptive to feedback, and willing to provide feedback. You communicate productively in both oral and written exchanges. You are comfortable with Google Drive and GSuite, and/or are willing to learn.
  • Perceptive & attentive to details. You are thoughtful about your approach and not much escapes your attention, including the fine print. You keep your work organized and exhibit meticulous attention to detail. (This doesn’t mean you never make mistakes, but you learn from them, and rarely repeat one). On that note - In your application covering email, please include a sentence or two answering: What’s one technique/tool you use to stay organized, and why?
  • Flexible & adaptive. You are comfortable with some uncertainty and open-ended projects. You can adapt to shifting priorities and are comfortable wearing multiple hats.

Other highly desirable skills, experience, or characteristics:

  • Comfortable posting to social media channels
  • Able to update Squarespace website content or willing to learn
  • Experience with volunteer recruitment and/or management
  • Initiative & good judgement. You can perform quality work, with or without supervision, using your own judgement and discretion. You see yourself as responsible for results and are able to anticipate, troubleshoot, and independently solve problems.
  • Mission-motivated. You want to contribute to CEF’s positive impact and you are oriented to getting things done, even when it’s not glamorous.
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Additional Information: 

To apply: Please email your application to info@compassionateeye.org and copy CEF co-chair Christine Ackerley (Christine.ackerley@compassioanteeye.org) with: 1) The subject line: "Application re: Operations Assistant," 2) A covering email/letter introducing yourself or your company, and why you’re a fit for this operations assistant role (and answering the question in the qualifications/characteristics section above), 3) A resume, 4) Your expectations for an hourly compensation rate (ranges are welcome).

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.

How to apply: 
To apply: Please email your application to info@compassionateeye.org and copy CEF co-chair Christine Ackerley (Christine.ackerley@compassioanteeye.org) as per the instructions above
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Christine Ackerley
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Arts & Culture
Health, Social Services
International Development
Our mission is to support, honour, and empower those in developing nations in order to expand educational opportunities, basic health services, and tools for sustainable economic development.
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Position start/end date:
28 Sep 2020
Time Committment:
10 Hours Per Week
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Daytime, Evening, Virtual
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925 West 10th Avenue
Vancouver, BC V6H 1J2
Last Updated: September 14, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: December 13, 2020