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Position description: 

Owen is a 12-year-old in grade 7 who is interested in building with wood. He has read books on woodworking, made tons of Lego projects, built a tree fort and a tree house, and in Scouts learned how to use knives, axes, and saws. Owen would like to improve his building skills so he can make better-looking projects that will hold together for a long time.


A mentor would engage with Owen in several of the following ways:

Teach him ways to build strong, good-looking projects and how to use power tools
Discuss building ideas and drafting
Show him the best types of wood for specific projects
Help him build a vehicle such as a kayak, boat, go cart
Answer questions e.g. How can I make my project look better?  How can I make my project sturdy?


Mentors will:

Attend an orientation session and read the handbook
Provide two references: one personal and one professional
Provide proof of expertise in the mentorship area
Have a recent Criminal Records Check
Arrange mutually convenient meetings times and location with the parent
Work with the student for a minimum of 10 hours
Engage the student(s) in the area of passion*
Supervise the student’s product
Assist with arrangements of sharing the product twice
Provide feedback to the coordinator after the second meeting with the student, at the end of the mentorship, and anytime there are concerns
Be a positive role model


Mentors need:

Talent or expertise in the area of student’s passion
Good communication skills
Interest in working with youth
To be reliable
Good interpersonal skills
To be a good role model
Ability to work effectively without direct supervision
To attend a training session to assist them in their role (Level 2 mentorship only)
Two references, one personal and one professional, (Level 2 mentorship only) and
A Police Records Check (Level 2 mentorship only)

Role is suitable for: 
People with physical disabilities
Additional Information: 

Mentors get:

A fun way to share their passion
To make an impact on a young person’s life
Teaching experience and a chance to develop new skills
An opportunity for personal growth
An opportunity to learn about the community and the volunteer sector
Networking opportunities

After successful completion of a Level 2 mentorship, mentors get:

A LinkedIn recommendation upon request
A letter of reference or reference upon request
A certificate from the student’s school
Public recognition at the Celebration in June

How to apply: 
Teresa Milden at 604 313 1130 or
Contact person: 
Teresa Milden
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Arts & Culture
Education & Research
Youth Development
British Columbia, as with many educational jurisdictions, recognizes gifted learners as having special needs that require provision of learning opportunities and a flexible environment tailored to students who learn at a faster pace, who possess extensive background knowledge, and who are innovators and creators, problem solvers and critical thinkers.
Position type:
Skilled Role:
Number of volunteers required:
Position start/end date:
5 Dec 2018 to 1 Mar 2019
Time Committment:
10 Hours Total
Time of day:
Evening, Weekdays, Weekend
Work location:
Varies - Delta, lower mainland
2536 East 2nd Ave, 23
varies, BC V5M 1C6