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The bulk of this position involves answering email inquiries from community members that are seeking resources and support for Learning Disabilities. This includes curating resource lists and connecting people with appropriate services to meet their needs. The position requires roughly 1-2 hours per week. 

The Communications Committee Chair is responsible for overseeing, recruiting for and maintaining the LDABC Communications Committee, which consists of the Volunteer Web Manager and the Volunteer Social Media Manager. The Chair forwards relevant community events and articles to the committee members for posting on the LDABC website and social media platforms. The Chair guides editing of the website to, keep it current, improve the layout and to add resources.

The Communications Committee Chair organizes and leads committee meetings as needed and works closely with the LDABC President. There is potential for the position to focus on membership and marketing.




Skills and knowledge required for this position include:

Organizational and time management skills

Knowledge of Learning Disabilities and resources that support families with LD

Leadership skills and experience

Education/experience in Communications and IT is an asset

Role is suitable for: 
Additional Information: 

This position is a wonderful opportunity to develop leadership skills as well as to learn about LD and the non-profit sector.

While this role can be fulfilled remotely with internet access, applicants should live within the province of British Columbia.

If you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about or applying for this position, please contact info@ldabc.ca

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Andrea Kyle
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Capacity Building
Disability Services
Family & Children
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Position start/end date:
30 Jul 2020
Time Committment:
1 Hours Per Week
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Virtual, BC
Last Updated: July 30, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: October 28, 2020