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We are seeking volunteers to provide one to one visits to our residents.During the pandemic this will be mainly virtual and through phone support.

 You are warm, friendly and have the ability to communicate with sensitivity and deal with people in a calm and empathetic manner. Friendly Visiting volunteers provide companionship and support to help individuals and their families  feel connected and valued. This program is intended to help individuals maintain social interaction with the community and alleviate isolation.


Spend quality time with some of our residents and help to create a social atmosphere.
Check in before and after shift.
Maintain confidentiality.
Criminal Record Check required before starting this position.


Ability to Understand and Be Understood in English. second language appricated and valued 
Good Interpersonal Skills (discretion, courtesy, empathy, friendly, outgoing, supportive, people oriented). 
Knowledge and Compliance with Infection Control Requirements.
Ability to Maintain Confidentiality.
Motivation to Follow the Fraser Health Respectful Workplace Policy.

Your role as a volunteer would support the residents' mental, social, and emotional wellnes by giving them someone to talk and share with.

Friendly and kind personality.

Enjoys connecting and communicating with others.

Curious about others' interests and passions, and willing to share a little about themselves to keep the conversations flowing.

Applicants MUST be at Least 18 Years Old.
Able to Commit to a Regular (once a week) Schedule for a Minimum of one year.

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Health, Social Services
Rooted in the community and branching out to those in need, we provide social, emotional, and spiritual support for individuals and their loved ones as they face a life-ending experience. We believe that no one need to face a life threatening illness alone ,and no one needs to be alone in their grief. We offer companions for the journey.
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Number of volunteers required:
Position start/end date:
5 Jan 2021
Time Committment:
3 Hours Per Week
Time of day:
Daytime, Evening, Weekdays, Weekend, Virtual
Work location:
surrey, BC
Last Updated: January 5, 2021
Posting will Automatically Expire: April 5, 2021