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Broadway Lodge is conveniently located within a short distance of the False Creek Seawall. As a result, we have obtained a Duet Bike to enable our residents to get out in the sunshine and enjoy a ride around the neighborhood/seawall in a very 'freeing' experience! Volunteers are urgently needed to help this special program have a positive impact on the lives of our residents who will benefit greatly from increased time out in the sunshine.

The duet bike is a unique three-wheeled bicycle where the rear of the bike (rider portion) is attached to a specialized wheelchair. The rider is able to take wheelchair bound individuals out in the community to enjoy fresh air and freedom the bike brings through community engagement.

Volunteers would commit to riding once a week to support resident community engagement. The duration of a ride is agreed upon by the rider and the passenger; a willingness to take a resident out for up to 60 minutes is appreciated. (Some rides go longer or shorter, depending on the passenger and expressed need). The total time commitment for a volunteer includes:

- the time to inspect the bike pre-ride,

- take the wheelchair up to the resident and have staff support transfer into wheelchair,

- embark on ride,

- return to Lodge and disembark resident from chair,

- put all gear away and report any feedback to staff.

Total time may be 2-3 hours.


confident cyclist

physically fit to manage distance, weight, and slight grades on pathways

possess general bike knowledge: operation, hand signals, safe rider mentality

good communication skills to engage with resident

problem solving skills for both bike safety management and observation of resident needs

take initiative and open to communicating with staff to ensure comfort, safety, and enjoyment for residents as well as supporting maintenance of the bike (i.e.: report observed problems with the vehicle in order to maintain it as a safe and comfortable mode of transport.)


This position requires individuals who are confident cyclists, physically fit, and confident to be out with elderly individuals on their own in the community. Knowledge of the False Creek cycle paths and surrounding area, including Granville Island, is definitely helpful but not a firm requirement.

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We ask our volunteers to make a 100 hour commitment to ensure continuity of programs and to support residents in the consistent offering of our programs.

Specialized orientation is required which takes one hour. This is in addition to the organization orienation. A criminal records check is required for each volunteer.

We appreciate the contribution of all our volunteers and recognize their impact on quality of life. We celebrate our volunteers with an annual recognition event in April.

(See a picture of the duet bike at: http://broadwaylodge.ca/about-us-volunteers/)

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contact volunteer@broadwaylodge.ca to request an application form.
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Rosemary Dunne
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604-733-1441 x228
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Disability Services
Sport & Recreation
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24 May 2018
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3 Hours Per Week
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Daytime, Evening, Weekdays, Weekend
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Broadway Lodge
1377 Lamey's Mill Road
Vancouver, BC V6H 3S9
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