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Position description: 

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House (MPNH), established in 1977, is a community based non-profit organization located in the heart of East Vancouver with the main catchment area being Mount Pleasant (including Olympic Village). MPNH is one of 7 Houses (and 1 Camp) that form the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC.

MPNH’s vision is of a community thriving in connection, celebration, engagement and leadership. Our mission is to be a leader in building a healthy and engaged neighbourhood by connecting people and strengthening their capacity to create change. We strive towards our vision and mission by providing an array of community-based programs and services to all ages – from babies to seniors, and to all demographics, including specific programs for immigrants and refugees, and Aboriginal peoples. Our work embeds community development, neighbourhood engagement and leadership development in all that we do.

The MPNH Community Board of Directors provides local leadership and ensures that MPNH’s mission is carried out through the delivery of programs, services and through community engagement activities. We are looking for volunteer board members to help us work towards our new strategic directions and implement our business plan.



Knowledge and ability to expand MPNH’s awareness of our participants’ and community’s needs, demographics and local issues;

Knowledge and skills in one or more areas of Board governance
Knowledge of fundraising, and/or abilitiy to connect MPNH to corporate or business community to enhance our ability to resource our activities;
other related skills sets that will help us to move to the next level of our organization’s life cycle.

Other desired qualities and skills include at least one of the following::

Knowledge of the Mount Pleasant community and / or neighbourhood houses
A connection to MPNH or one of our programming areas
Live or work in Mount Pleasant (including the Olympic Village).



Remains aware of and committed to the work of MPNH
Attends board meetings and participates in committees or task groups
Participates in ensuring that the board is knowledgeable about community and other issues that affect MPNH

Prepares for and participates in Board discussions and deliberations

Works towards the financial stability and resilience of MPNH and participates in fundraising activities
Commits to personally donate or, through personal connections, to secure an annual financial donation that is commensurate with their means (over and above any other fundraising activities they participate in)
Fosters a positive working relationship with other board members and executive director
Maintains professional and ethical standards, and enhances the public image of MPNH and ANH

Recruit other volunteers and helps to sustain the development of the Community Board and Board Committees
Works with staff (ED and/or other staff assigned to board committee work) to develop trusting and mutually respectful relationships


We encourage people of all backgrounds to apply and help us round out the perspectives and skills for our board. We highly encourage applicants who are from Indigenous, new immigrant and / or LGBTQ+ communities.

We are looking for people who have one or more of the desired skills / backgrounds:  

Knowledge and ability to support MPNH in implementing our strategic directions, and more specifically those related to the following:

Working with our Aboriginal neighbourbours to learn more about today’s First Peoples together, acknowledge the past, and seek to promote healing;
To ensure all newcomers are welcome;
To foster inclusive environments for the LGBTQ+ community;

Role is suitable for: 
English as a second language (ESL)
People with physical disabilities
Additional Information: 


New board members are joining a great team at a time where the MPNH Community Board can really shape and influence our future in a significant way. Other benefits include strengthening governance and leadership skills, expanding networks, learning from peers, and contributing to the health and well-being of residents in Mount Pleasant (including the Olympic Village).

How to apply: 
E-mail Jocelyne Hamel, Executive Director
Contact person: 
Jocelyne Hamel, Executive Director
Contact phone: 
604-879-8208 x103
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Capacity Building
Community Development & Housing
Family & Children
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Number of volunteers required:
Position start/end date:
31 May 2018
Time Committment:
2 Hours Per Week
Time of day:
Daytime, Evening, Weekdays, Weekend, Virtual
Work location:
Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House
800 East Broadway
Vancouver, BC v5t 1y1