Chinese Music Appreciation

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Volunteers will facilitate a Chinese Music Appreciation program to a group of seniors mainly  of Chinese decent.

Volunteers will use the You Tube on a Smart TV or Tablet and perform Chinese Opera, Classical Music, Traditional Music, Pop to a small/medium size group of interested residents.

Volunteers must speak basic Cantonese,and or Mandarin & basic English









Volunteer(s) will run a You Tube progam on a Smart TV  or aTablet to a large or small group of residents that have an interest in listening to cultural music such as Chinese Opera, Classical Music, and Pop that is enjoyable and popular to the generation of senior.

Volunteers must be able to organize and plan music that they would like to share with their audience

Volunteers must speak basic Cantonese and/or Manderine and have some know about the Chinese Culture

Volunteers must speak and understand basic English


Volunteer should  know how to communicate in both Cantonese/Mandarin and  English 

Volunteers need to have an interest in helping others, and provide service in a consistent, positive and helpful manner

Volunteers must be kind, respectful and caring

Volunteers must be responsible that can follow directions and home policies and procedures

Volunteers must consent to  a criminal record clearance check, and be free of any criminal charges

Volunteers must feel somfortable and enjoy socializing and spending time with seniors

Volunteer must know how to take intiative



Role is suitable for: 
All Ages
English as a second language (ESL)
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Email, or Phone
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Rosemary Kustner
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Arts & Culture
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27 Jan 2020
Time Committment:
2 Hours Per Week
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German-Canadian Care Home
2010 Harrison Drive
Vancouver, BC V5P 2P6
Last Updated: January 28, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: December 28, 2020