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The Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Kerrisdale community centre, in partnership with the Vancouver Park Board.  The centre focuses on recretional, social, cultural and artistic programming and services.   The Board of Directors of the KCCS has 18 elected Directors. The term is two years; nine Directors are elected each year.  The Board meets monthly. Directors are also expected to work with at least two Board committees.  General duties of a Director are as follows:

-exercise care, diligence and skill of a reasonable and prudent person

-be aware and respectful of the Society's mission, vision, and goals

-have a thorough knowledge of the Society's constitution and by-laws

-demonstrate ethical, curteous, professional, and socially acceptable behaviour

-carry out feduciary duties of a Director in a thoughtful and responsible manner

-work with other Directors to ensure that Board policies and practices are current and that they are adhered to

-ensure that the financial structure of the Society is adequate for its current and future needs

-ensure that the Society is in compliance at all times with legal requirements


Others duties include:

-arrive at Board, committee, and any special meetings on time and stay until the meeting is adjourned. Come prepared having read background materials provided.

-be prepared to sit on at least two Board committees

-be prepared to participate in meetings and other aspects of decision making

-be respectful of colleagues and their views, have an open mind, be willing and prepared to discuss issues.

-know (or learn) how to make or amend motions; be knowledgable about the rules of fomal meetings

-promote Board unity and confidence by practicing discretion and accepting decisions made on a majority basis

-be willing to evaluate your own contribution to the Board.


It is a goal of the Society that Directors are representative of the community it serves in terms of age, gender and culturale background.  Directors must also be able to contribute to the business aspects needed to run a highly successful community centre that offers more than 600 programs and services during a year.  The Society has more than 12 thousand members.  General qualifications of a Director are as follows

-you are (or will be) a member of the KCCS, age 19 or older

-be committed to the philosophy and vision of the Society

-you seek to meet new people and to learn and apply new skills

-you work well with others (in both Board and committee decision making and projects) and when interacting with centre staff

-you contribute important capabilities and knowledge such as legal, social media, education, accounting, intercultural skills, web site design, marketing, strategic planning

-you are accountable for your words and actions

-you have links to the community


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People with physical disabilities
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Applications must be submitted at least 10 days before the Society's annual general meeting (Wednesday, Feb 12, 2019).   Volunteers will be interviewed by a nominating committee to determine their suitability to stand for election to the Board of Directors.  Preferred candidates will be recommended by the Nominating Committee for election to the Board.  Candidates who are not recommeded may also stand for election. 

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Go the and use the fillable application form
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Alison at
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Sport & Recreation
Youth Development
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19 Feb 2020
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8 Hours Per Month
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Kerrisdale Community Centre
5851 West Blvd,
Vancouver, BC V6M 3W9
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