Working Chair for the Burnaby Pride Working Group

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The responsibility of the Chair is to prepare agendas, manage meetings, and delegate tasks as needed.The Chair will also oversee and moderate Working Group discussions and dynamics, including supporting conflict resolution through dialogue should this need arise. This is a working Chair position, and direct activities related to the hosting of Pride related events is also part of the role. The Chair will be supported in all facets of this work by a Working Group appointed Secretary. All current participation will be virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Approximate Position End Date

1-year commitment is expected, but a two-year commitment would be even better!

Time commitment

Approximately 12 hours a month, with a potential increase in proximity to events.

Meetings are typically held once per month throughout each year and are held bi-weekly (or as-needed) in the month leading up to a Pride event.As a result, there is a likelihood of 12-14 meetings in total per year; members should anticipate attending a minimum of 10 meetings per year.


You are passionate about advancing LGBTQIA2S+ inclusion and community connections in Burnaby.

You are knowledgeable and respectful of the diversity that is inherent in the LGBTQIA2S+ community.

You are committed to create and advocate for spaces (digital and physical) and initiatives in Burnaby that recognize and celebrate LGBTQIA2S+ people of all ages and backgrounds including (but not limited to) ethno-cultural identification, gender, gender identity, immigration status, heritage, life experience, living arrangement, sexual orientation, and other factors.

You are a Burnaby community member (i.e. an individual who currently lives, works, or volunteers within the Burnaby city limits, and is not a Burnaby City employee).

You are able to participate in meetings which occur during the day.

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3 Nov 2020
Time Committment:
12 Hours Per Month
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Daytime, Weekdays
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Burnaby Pride Working Group
Burnaby, BC
Last Updated: November 3, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: February 1, 2021