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COVID-19 Support: 
Virtual work: 
Position description: 

Do you have a passion for teaching others? Do you enjoy performing or playing a musical instrument? Do you carry a set of skills you would like to share with others? We are looking for volunteers to take part in our 'VB Virtual Series' project aimed towards providing members of our community with entertainment and a sense of connection for those who feel isolated and disconnected due to COVID19. 

We are accepting content submissions from volunteers in the form of tutorials, classes, informative webinars, or performances. Our plan is to share this content online as a weekly event that the entire community can enjoy from their homes. There are no limitations as to what type of content we are accepting and are asking everyone to tap into their talents and interests and to use their imagination! 

Here are some examples for what kind of content you could send us are:

  • Performances - musical instruments, dance, spoken word, or art performances! 
  • Tutorials - sports, design, mechanics, textiles, art, music, writing, film, photography, organization, etc. 
  • Webinars - informative classes on any topic that you are interested in - share your knowledge with your community! 


The options for what you can create are endless. Help your community stay connected online by working with us to help others through these tough times. 



  • Submit a content piece of yourself to Volunteer Burnaby - to be used in their Virtual Series
  • Keep a record of your volunteer hours 
  • A camera/web cam that you can access from home 
Role is suitable for: 
Under 13
13 - 18
All Ages
English as a second language (ESL)
People with physical disabilities
People with intellectual disabilities
Additional Information: 

There are no limitations for who can apply to this role. All content will be reviewed and edited by Volunteer Burnaby before publication. Reference letters with recorded hours will be provided to volunteers following the successful submission of content. 

Volunteers will be in charge of tracking their own hours when producing content for the 'VB Virtual Series'. 




How to apply: 
E-mail Mackenzie at Volunteer Burnaby for more information.
Contact person: 
Mackenzie Hoff-Bell
Volunteer Centre: 
Cause Tags: 
Education & Research
Family & Children
At Volunteer Burnaby our Mission is to… “Promote volunteerism as a right and a responsibility of the citizens of Burnaby and New Westminster and facilitate community development through volunteering”
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Number of volunteers required:
Position start/end date:
17 Apr 2020
Time Committment:
1 Hours Total
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Work location:
Burnaby, BC
Last Updated: July 23, 2020
Posting will Automatically Expire: October 21, 2020