Mental Health (Neuropsychiatric) Unit Activity Volunteer

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Position description: 

The Alder Unit at Langara is a 20 bed neuropsychiatric tertiary care unit that specializes in caring for clients between the ages of 18-64 years old who have neurological disorders or brain injuries as well as psychiatric symptoms. Our client-base ranges between those with high personal care needs who may be unable to walk or speak, to those who are much more physically able but may have complex behavioural and psychiatric conditions.




To assist with a range of social activities on the unit. These may vary from arts and crafts and games to going on outings and doing 1-1 visiting.


1. Experience with client population (people with either mental health struggles or brain injuries).

2. Be 19 years or older

3. Able to make a minimum 6 month commitment 3 hours per week

4. Must be reliable and punctual

5. Must have a good communication style and skills

6. Must be able to set firm boundaries and be able to follow staff direction/guidance about client care needs

7. Be physically agile and be able to push a resident and wheel chair both indoors and outdoors over uneven ground

8. Possess a good sense of humor and display self confidence

9. Must be able to be flexible and adaptable in a changing environment

10. Able to take immediate staff direction without discussion

11. Able to be to utilize critical thinking, especially in regards to any safety concerns

Role is suitable for: 
Additional Information: 

Opportunity to work with this client population. Opportunity to work in mental health environment and see what the care team at Alder does (the team consists of RNs, RPNs, Mental Health Workers, part-time Occupational Therapist, Social Worker, Recreation Therapist, Music Therapist, Speech-Language Therapist, Physiotherapist, Dietician, Pharmacist, Neuropsychologist as well as GPs and Neuropsychiatrists and a Unit Clerk). Alder has an integrated team approach to care and volunteers may have the opportunity to observe a variety of interventions from health care professionals. Opportunity to attend training and educational opportunities Letters of references on completion of 30 hours of volunteering Completion of Criminal Records Review Check Be 19 years or older Able to make a minimum 6 month commitment – 3 hours per week

Looking for people with prior experience with the client population (either people with brain injuries or serious mental health issues). 

How to apply: 
Please contact Stephanie by email for more info
Contact person: 
Stephanie Kulferst
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Cause Tags: 
Disability Services
Health, Social Services
Sport & Recreation
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Number of volunteers required:
Position start/end date:
1 Nov 2019
Time Committment:
3 Hours Per Week
Time of day:
Daytime, Weekdays, Weekend
Work location:
St. Vincent's Langara
255 West 62nd Avenue
Alder Unit
Vancouver, BC V5X 4V4