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Frequently Asked Questions

Read and browse our FAQs. Have a question? Ask it below.

You will receive an automated reminder one month prior to the expiry of your membership prompting you to reach out to your Govolunteer.ca provider.

The membership fee helps support vital leadership courses and learning opportunities to not-for-profits, equipping organizations to operate effectively and lifting their capacity.

Unlimited postings on GoVolunteer where over 250,000 unique volunteer users are looking to connect with not-for-profit organizations. Discounted leadership workshops and room rentals at The Vantage Point. 

Memberships run for one year from the date of purchase.

Contact Daniel Cooper, Capacity Development Lead, dcooper@thevantagepoint.ca for more information. 

No, GoVolunteer is for unpaid volunteer positions only.

To improve volunteer engagement, see our webinar on helpful ways to attract volunteers. 

Yes, select “board member” to be taken to our Board Member position posting form. 

First, make sure you have a membership. Then, log into GoVolunteer.ca using your username and password. Next select “Post a Volunteer Position” and fill out the adjoining form. After completing the form click “submit” to post the form live on GoVolunteer.ca. 


Email, info@thevantagepoint.ca to receive username and password information.

Your Member page should be an extension of your organization. Put all information that effectively captures the core values and mission statement of your not-for-profit. Include website links, social media tags – get creative!  

Individuals cannot post on GoVolunteer, it is only for charities, societies, and not-for-profit organizations.

We welcome registered not-for-profits, charities, trade unions, professional associations and government organizations to post on Govolunteer.ca. 

Search using the “Advance Search” button and select “Youth Volunteering.” Additionally, contact an organization directly and ask if they have any Youth volunteer positions. 

Share the joy of giving back with your children by searching for opportunities specifically for "Families."
If you have any questions about the suitability of the role for your family, you can reach out directly to the organization. You can find their contact information in the posting.

We have a way to search for that! Under the Advanced Search option

Yes. For some positions, speaking another language can be helpful. If the volunteer position does not list any specific language requirements, please contact the organization directly to discuss volunteering with English as a second language.

You can even search for positions where the organization has specifically indicated that it would be a good opportunity for those with English as a second language. Apply this filter using the Advanced Search.

Yes, non-Canadian citizens are welcome to volunteer!

Keep checking back as new positions are posted daily. You may also find an organization whose cause you care about, but they do not have roles that use your particular skill set. Consider reaching out to them to see if they could use your skills.

Organizations will provide their contact information and details about how to apply in their posting. 

Govolunteer.ca now provides you will three easy ways to search:
1. A basic search allows you to simply enter keywords or your location to start.
The advanced search allows you to use filters such as the causes you care about, the skills you wish to use, the dates you are free, or the time commitment you wish to make.
Not sure where to start? Browse our directory of local not-for-profit organizations. Click in to their profile to read their mission statement and see what kind of opportunities they have available.

Not currently. We do not ask for any of your information to use the site. All you need to do is start searching here! We offer you new ways of searching that include by address, by your date(s) of availability, or by the time commitment you wish to make. You can easily find roles working with causes you care about or sharing your unique skills.

No, we do not require any information from you to use Govolunteer.ca.

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