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Rogers Raising The Grade Volunteer

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Position description: 


Rogers Raising the Grade aims to provide young people with the skills, tools, and opportunities that will equip them to excel academically and secure their future success as productive, independent, and contributing members of society. Volunteers with this program will work with youth using tech centers, online resources, and will offer tutoring/mentoring support as they work to achieve their goals. 

Children with mentors experience incredible life benefits such as: 

•Becoming 80% more likely to finish high school 
•Becoming 2-4x less likely to bully, lie, cheat, steal or become involved in drugs and/or alcohol 
•78% of our kids coming from a family history of social assistance (parents depending on welfare, food banks, etc., to make ends meet) do not experience the same challenges in their adulthood 
•Their life time income is $300,000 dollars more, on average, than youth who did not have mentors 

There are no specific skills or experience required, however all volunteers are screened to gauge their appropriateness for our programs. 

Benefits & Recognition
People who mentor: 

• Gain personal growth and development 
• Have a positive new perspective on life 
• Make a positive difference in the life of a child and the community 
• See meaningful improvements in their own mental and physical health 
• Report increased levels of happiness and energy 

Other Requirements 
• Police check • Child welfare check • 1.5 – 2 hour screening interview • 1.5 -2 hours volunteer training seminar • Alberta Mentoring Partnership Certificate

Volunteer skills: 
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How to apply: 
Contact person: 
Talia Adler Magat
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Position start/end date:
11 Sep 2017
Time Committment:
1 Hours Per Week
Time of day:
Daytime, Evening
Work location:
Edmonton, AB T5H 1P6