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About Us

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For 10 years, Govolunteer.ca has been the go-to engagement platform that connects volunteers with not-for-profits and charities across BC and Alberta. Govolunteer.ca was built in 2003 as an easy-to-use online tool that connects not-for-profits and charities with passionate community members looking to share their time and talents to support causes they care about. Every year more than 300 000 people visit Govolunteer.ca to seek out meaningful volunteer opportunities. They are looking to build stronger and more connected communities with your organization.

Engage volunteer talent to deliver your mission. Govolunteer.ca is where you find them!

Join our community of over 1700 not-for-profit organizations today!




Vantage Point is the not-for-profit organization that manages the Govolunteer.ca site. We are on a mission to lift the capacity of the not-for-profit sector by providing immediately applicable learning and resources to its leaders. We are confident that you will find the talent you need to move your mission forward with Govolunteer.ca.